About the founder of Relook Salon

Mohammed Al-Attar, an ambitious and inspiring man, was born with a passion for shaving in his heart since his young childhood. When he was fifteen years old, he decided to pursue his dream of excellence in the field of barbering.

Mohamed started his professional adventure in 1994, and soon realized that the real acquisition of skills comes through experience and different experiences. He traveled outside Jordan in search of knowledge and experience, and the Gulf countries were his first stop on his learning and development journey. These experiences fueled his passion and increased his determination to improve himself in the field of barbering.

In 1998, the turning point came when Mohammed decided to open his first salon, and from there his professional career began. He became the owner of the “MBC” salon in Irbid from 1998 until 2002. This period was full of challenges and opportunities that helped him acquire skills and build his good reputation in the local community.

But the passion and ambition did not stop there. In 2002, Mohammed decided to take a new adventure and move to Sweden. There, he entered the field of barbering in a more professional and specialized way. He opened his first salon in Sweden in 2006 and proved his impressive skills to his clients over the course of three years until 2009.

In 2009, Mohamed decided to co-found a successful company called “Relook Salon” and was one of the co-founders. During the period from 2009 to the present day, the company has grown and expanded. This period was full of achievements and successes for Muhammad and his team.

And now, at this current time, Mohamed is looking to expand his business in the Arab world through the “Reloc” salon, which was established in 2009 and is still in existence today.

, which builds on the unique and elegant experience he has gained over the course of his career. Salon “Reloc” seeks to provide a unique and distinctive experience for customers, and reflects the vision and ambition of Mohammed Al-Attar to excel and succeed in the field of barbering in the Arab world and beyond.

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